Recent News and Editorial:

Earthjustice release – State Workers Not Allowed to Say Climate Change – (3/9/2015)

Legislature’s Draft Water Policy Bill Benefits Polluters, Hurts Citizens (2/12/2015)

Florida residents have spoken: Conserve land and water – Ocala Star Banner (1/11/15)



Defend our waters against the polluters – Tampa Bay Times (12/1/2014)

Have a glass of nitrates – (9/7/2014)

Algae blooms keep killing lagoon fish – (8/28/2014)

Disney Building Fake Florida Spring: Really – (8/27/2014)

Editorial: Water warnings – (8/8/2014)

Largest Red Tide since 2006 not far off Gulf Coast – Tampa Bay Times (8/5/2014)

Algae bloom the size of Rhode Island lurks in the Gulf – WINK-TV (7/30/2014)

Lurking red tide bloom generates gloomy outlook – News-Press (7/30/2014)

City of Sanibel gets an update on the ‘Slime Monster’ – (6/4/2014)

Column: How a good springs bill died – Tampa Bay Times (5/6/2014)

Editorial: Victory for clean water – Tampa Bay Times (4/10/2014)

Environmentalists appeal Florida water ruling – Bradenton Herald (4/6/2014)

Perspective: What I would have said about water (w/video) – Tampa Bay Times (4/4/14)

Volusia springs, Indian River Lagoon could get protection – Daytona Beach News-Journal (3/4/2014)

Counties fighting Florida to keep fertilizer from ruining waterways – Bradenton Herald (2/27/2014)

Relinquishing federal oversight of waters in SW Florida is not in our best interest – News-Press (2/25/2014)

Water woes plague Florida, but only funding, not policy change, up for legislative discussion – AP (2/25/2014)

Clean up Florida’s dirty springs – Miami Herald (2/23/2014)

Editorial: When caring just isn’t enough – (2/17/2014)

Fixing our springs takes political will – (2/17/2014)

Political will needed to heal our springs – Gainesville Sun (2/14/2014)

Twenty-four groups sign letter objecting to draft springs legislation – The Florida Current (2/5/2014)

Industry groups don’t want new rules to protect Florida’s springs – Tampa Bay Times (2/4/2014)

To heal Florida springs, hold polluters accountable – Orlandon Sentinel (1/31/2014)

What The Water ‘Declaration’ Actually Does – wfsu (1/24/2014)

Environmental groups call for clean water pledge – (1/23/2014)

Florida Citizens Unite in the Fight for Clean Water – Public News Service (1/23/2014)

Florida’s Clean Water Declaration – (1/21/2014)

Environmentalists to protest water quality in Florida – Tampa Tribune (1/20/14)

Algae blooms litter Lee County beaches, stink - Fort Myers News Press (1/13/2014)

Federal judge signs off on water pollution limits – AP (1/7/2014)



Algae Bloom In Tallahassee’s Lake Lafayette – wfsu (12/17/2013)

In Orlando, dozens of eco-groups join to demand water protections – Bloomberg Businessweek (12/13/2013)

Former manager of 2 water districts urges more protections – Orlando Sentinel (11/17/2013)

Farmers to reform practices for springs – Hernando Today (11/16/2013)

Florida Marine Life Dying From Pollution – University of Miami (11/14/2013)

Water issues plague Southwest Florida waters – WINK-TV (11/13/2013)

Action plan for toxic algae – ActionNewsJax (11/12/2013)

Early signs of red tide in SWFL – NBC2 (11/11/2013)

Harmful algae invades the Florida Keys – WPTV-5 (11/11/2013)

Fouling Florida’s environment? Simply insane – Tampa Bay Times (10/14/2013)

Algal blooms reach toxic levels on the St. Johns – St. Augustine Record (10/11/2013)

Photos capture the disgusting reality of Florida’s water pollution - Salon (10/2/2013)

Time Running Out for Vital Waterway – NBC Nightly News (9/29/2013)

Choking on algae and anger is no way to live – (9/29/2013)

Report: Polluted farm runoff linked to toxic green algae slime in U.S. waters – Washington Post (9/26/2013)

With Murky Water And Manatee Deaths, Lagoon Languishes – NPR National: Morning Edition (9/26/2013)

City of Stuart wants state to seize US Sugar land (8/28/2013)

St. Lucie officials want to join with Martin County to take necessary action to restore area waterways (8/27/2013)

Residents protest pollutants in Lake Okeechobee, potential flooding
WSVN (8/26/2013)

CARL HIAASEN: Clueless to crisis in our environment
Miami Herald (8/24/13)

Florida Realtors: Lake O Releases Are Hurting Tourism, Second Home Sales
WGCU-FM (8/22/2013)

Negron: Feds should not have sole jurisdiction on Lake Okeechobee releases
The Palm Beach Post (8/22/2013)

Senate Committee Meeting focuses on short term solutions to Lake Okeechobee discharges
WPTV (8/22/2013)

A symbol of Florida’s environmental degradation
Miami Herald Editorial (8/21/2013)

9 investigates dolphin, manatee deaths in Indian River Lagoon – BREVARD COUNTY, Fla.
WFTV (8/21/2013)

Sanibel Island affected by Lake O releases
Fox4Now (8/21/2013)

Hundreds gather at St. Lucie Lock, Florida Governor Scott snubs crowd during tour
Governor Scott waves at crowd, walks away

WPTV (8/20/2013)

Sen. Bill Nelson takes tour of now-toxic St. Lucie River
WPFB-TV (8/15/2013)

Toxic Water: Swimmers search for safe spot to cool off
WPTV5 (8/12/2013)

Emotions Run High At Water Advisory Panel In Jensen Beach
CBS12 (8/9/2013)

Algae samples from St. Lucie Estuary test positive for toxins | Map, Photos (8/6/2013)

St. Lucie River Conditions Worsen: Salinity Levels Close To Zero At Inlet
WPEC-TV (8/5/2013)

Residents Of Stuart Rally Against Toxic Algae In The St Lucie River
WPEC-TV (8/4/2013)

Toxic algae confirmed in St. Lucie River; residents urged to avoid contact

Martin County health officials testing algae
TCPalm (7/29/2013)

Toxic Green And Black Goo Coating The Indian River Lagoon
WPEC-TV (7/19/2013)

Big algae bloom fouls Biscayne Bay
Miami Herald (7/19/2013)

Toxins on Indian River Lagoon seaweed might be killing manatees, but mystery remains
Tampa Bay Times (7/17/2013)

Mysterious Manatee and Dolphin Deaths in Florida Confound Scientists
Wired Science (7/11/2013)

Algae blooms sliming Wekiwa Springs, River
WFTV (7/2/2013)

David Guest: Legislature could stop algae outbreaks, but . . .
Sun Sentinel (6/26/2013)

Biologists race to solve mysterious mass animal deaths in Florida lagoon
FoxNews (6/19/2013)

‘Green Monster’ returns to the St. Johns River
Florida Times-Union (6/18/2013)

Indian River Lagoon mystery ailment killing dolphins, manatees, pelicans
Tampa Bay Times (6/16/2013)

Algae bloom in two lakes, river prompt warning to say out of water
Orlando Sentinel (6/14/2013)

Rick Scott’s Cuts Dilute Water Laws, Endanger Sea Life
Miami New Times (6/6/2013)

Editorial: Saving our springs
Gainesville Sun (5/30/2013)

Officials want to transplant seagrass to Lagoon ‘bald spots’
FloridaToday (5/29/2013)

State officials fiddling while the Wekiva dies
Orlando Sentinel (5/29/2013)

Water managers accused of foot-dragging while paddling down polluted Wekiva River
Orlando Sentinel (5/26/2013)

Water bills stream through House, flow towards governor – Florida Current (5/1/2013)

House approves water pollution bill
AP (5/1/2013)

House Says No To Tracking Sickness Caused By Toxic Algae
WFSU (4/30/13)

Judge indicates he may rule against delay of federal water quality rules
Florida Current (4/11/2013)

Florida Algae Bloom Leads to Record Manatee Deaths
New York Times (4/6/2013)

Ron Littlepage: Shall we be complicit in the demise of Florida’s waters? (4/3/2013)

Springs revival languishes in Legislature
Tampa Bay Times (4/2/2013)

Brevard’s manatee, pelican deaths still a mystery
FloridaToday (3/26/2013)

Column: Lousy water, lousy press for Florida
Tampa Bay Times (3/26/2013)

Environmentalists: EPA and Florida DEP Struck “Back Room Deal”
PNS (3/18/2013)

EPA cuts deal with Florida on pollution rules, delighting business and angering environmentalists
Tampa Bay Tribune (3/15/2013)

Florida, feds announce pollution deal
Miami Herald (3/15/2013)

State, feds strike deal on water pollution limits
AP (3/15/2013)

Paralyzing algae is killing manatees at record pace in Florida
Today Show, NBC National (3/11/2013)

Schultz commentary: Big Sugar mounts new attack on the Everglades
Palm Beach Post (3/10/2013)

Record-breaking number of manatees killed by Red Tide
Tampa Bay Times (3/8/2013)

Lingering red tide creating confusion, cancellations
ABC-7 Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples (2/28/2013)

Water quality crucial to Floridians, UF survey finds (2/20/2013)

EPA proposes strict water standards for Florida
Sun Sentinel (2/18/2013)

Lease of FL Lands to Farming Plantations Called a “Sweetheart Deal”
Public News Service FL (2/8/2013)

Everglades agriculture leases being challenged
AP/Naples News (2/8/2013)

Wildlife Federation sues Rick Scott and Cabinet over Everglades leases
Miami Herald (2/7/2013)

Editorial: The leadership drought on water
Ocala Star Banner (2/7/2013)

Editorial: Florida’s twisted waterways policy
Tampa Bay Times (2/4/2013)

DEP’s part-time $83-an-hour employee helped oversee layoffs and agency shakeup
Tampa Bay times (2/3/2013)

Florida’s aquifer models full of holes, allowing more water permits and pollution
Tampa Bay Times (1/28/2013)

Red tide, fish kill reported at Sarasota beaches
Sarasota Herald-Tribune (1/18/2013)

Tampa is latest stop in water regulation fight
Tampa Bay Online (1/17/2013)

Locals protesting to keep Florida water clean
NBC2 (1/17/2013)

Public speaks out on pollution at Tampa meeting
AP/Miami Herald (1/17/2013)

Floridians Stand Up for Clean Water at EPA Meetings in Tampa
Florida Water Coalition (1/17/2013)

Nutrient pollution standards and the Everglades
Gulf Coast Live WGCU (1/9/2013)

Natural Florida needs stewards, not profiteers – Tampa Bay Times (1/6/2013)

Protecting Florida’s polluters
Tampa Bay Times (1/5/2013)

Red tide has tourism industry on edge
Sarasota Herald-Tribune (1/3/2013)

Saving Florida’s rivers: Urgent task can no longer be postponed
Miami Herald (1/2/2013)



Foxes guard the henhouse Governor gives industry insiders too much sway over regulation – Miami Herald (12/31/2012)

Cleaning up Florida’s water, finally – Tampa Bay Times (12/28/2012)

Florida environmental agency lays off longtime employees and hires from regulated industries – Tampa Bay Times (12/25/2012)

Drive to keep Kings Bay from being smothered by toxic algae treats symptom, not cause – Tampa Bay Times (12/17/2012)

EPA’s Decision a Good One for Estero Bay – The Island Sand Paper (12/13/2012)

EPA limits mean cleaner water – Orlando Sentinel (12/12/2012)

Editorial: EPA must protect Florida waterways – Palm Beach Post (12/12/2012)

Finally, precise rules on pollution to protect Florida waters – Bradenton Herald (12/11/2012)

Taking on red tide scourge – Gasparilla Gazette (12/10/2012)

EPA steps in: Decision does a favor for Floridians – (12/7/2012)

Editorial: Water’s value  – Gainesville Sun (12/4/2012)

EPA tells judge it will impose stricter water pollution standards on Florida – Tampa Bay Tribune (12/1/2012)

Florida’s Vanishing Springs – A Tampa Bay Times Investigation (11/25/2012)

Red tide toxins making beach birds sick – WINK-TV (11/17/2012)

Potential algae bloom blamed for itchy eyes, sore throats – WKMG-TV6 (11/16/2012)

Red tide moving into Lee County – News-Press (10/19/2012)

Despite protection, Wekiva River’s health, flow continue to decline – Orlando Sentinel (10/13/2012)

Worst red tide outbreak since 2007- Sarasota Herald Tribune (10/9/2012)

Slime torrent polluting state’s coast – Miami Herald (10/6/2012)

Poor quality of water hurts state economy – Sun Sentinel (10/2/2012)

Brown tide hammering Indian River Lagoon and its fish – Orlando Sentinel (9/28/2012)

Scientists link nutrient pollution to coral bleaching – (9/27/2012)

Brown tide ebbs, but it may return to Mosquito Lagoon – (9/26/2012)

Andrew McElwaine: No room for ‘dirty water rules’ – The Gainesville Sun (9/24/2012)

In summer, toxic blue-green algae blooms plague freshwater – Center for Investigative Reporting (9/17/2012)

Algae bloom believed cause of dead fish in Indian River – Daytona Beach News Journal (9/12/2012)

Back-to-back algae outbreaks threaten all life in Indian River Lagoon – Orlando Sentinel (8/20/2012)

Algae bloom turns Mosquito Lagoon brown – Daytona Beach News-Journal (8/13/2012)

Brown algae blooming at Mosquito Lagoon could cause serious problems – WFTV Orlando (8/13/2012)

Scott, Vinyard Pushing Weaker Protections For Bodies of Water – The Lakeland Ledger (8/7/12)

Boat captain/nurse concerned about health of Silver River – Ocala Star-Banner (8/2/2012)

Algae bloom threatens Indian River Lagoon seagrass, with implications for Treasure Coast – TCPalm (8/1/2012)

A fight to save the Caloosahatchee River – Fort Myers News Press (7/30/2012)

Groups file suit against Corps over river – Jacksonville Daily Record (7/24/2012)

Florida environmental groups sue over algae blooms – AP/Miami Herald – The Miami Herald (7/23/2012)

Lawsuit to clean up Caloosahatchee River – Fox 4 Ft. Myers (7/23/2012)

Environmental group files lawsuit over South Florida river contamination – WFSU FM (7/23/2012)

Editorial: Is anybody listening?- Ocala Star Banner (7/22/2012)

Possibly toxic algae spotted in Caloosahatchee -  ABC7 Ft. Myers (7/14/2012)

Will Florida save its springs or let them die? – Orlando Sentinel (7/8/2012)

We expect more of our leaders – (7/2/2012)

Water quality war rages on – Gainesville Sun (7/3/2012)

Why we need the EPA’s strong rules to Protect Florida’s Waters – Sierra Club Florida News 6/29/2012)

Slime is a statewide problem; we need to act – Naples News-Press (6/25/2012)

Toxic algae in pond blamed for deaths of 4 cows  – AP (6/25/2012)

The DEP is blind to state’s ‘green slime‘ – Gainesville Sun 6/11/2012)

Get on with it – Gainesville Sun  (6/3/2012)

Santa Fe River: Pumping, Pollution, Privation – Lakeland Ledger (6/2/2012)

The river is slimed – Ocala Star Banner (5/30/2012)

Editorial: This isn’t right – The Gainesville Sun (5/26/12)

Algae develops on drought-depleted Santa Fe River – Gainesville Sun (5/23/2012)

Florida’s ‘perfect storm’ water crisis – Gainesville Sun (5/8/2012)

Algae ‘mat’ choking lake – Punta Gorda Herald (5/3/2012)

Summer Slime: A Slippery Slope – The Bradenton Times (4/28/2012)

Florida environmentalists warn of ‘slime’ season – AP/ABC7 Sarasota (4/25/2012)

It’s “Summer Slime Season” in Florida – Public News Service (4/25/2012)

Health advisory issued for Lee waters – Ft. Myers News-Press (4/11/2012)

Court ruling positive step toward reducing pollution in Florida waters – TCPalm (3/1/2012)

The mauling of Florida’s environment – Tampa Bay Times (2/29/2012)

Hearing begins on challenge to proposed state water quality rules – Florida Current (2/27/2012)

Environmentalists applaud clean-water ruling against EPA, take on state next – Naples News (2/26/2012)

Message is clear: Clean up Florida waters – Tampa Bay Times (2/24/2012)

New limits on water pollutants on the way for Florida – NBC2 – Ft. Myers (2/19/2012)

Judge orders Florida water pollution limits – News-Press (2/19/2012)

Toxic fish can sicken seafood eaters – Sarasota Herald Tribune (2/9/2012)

Environmentalists call Florida congressman’s bill ‘a gift to polluter-lobbyists’- Florida Independent (2/1/2012)

Indian River Lagoon algae ‘super bloom’ studied – Florida (1/30/2012)

Algae bloom washing up along Caloosahatchee – ABC7-TV Ft. Myers (1/26/2012)

Wildlife Officials Rescue Manatee With Red Tide – NBC6-TV  Miami (1/25/2012)



Red Tide now blamed for some manatee deaths – WINK-TV (12/31/2012)

For clean water in Florida, depend on judge, not state – Palm Beach Post (12/6/2011)

New Lawsuit Attacks State Failure To Curtail Pollution – Florida Sportsman (12/2/2011)

Slime Tour highlights Florida’s polluted waterways – ABC News Tampa (12/1/2011)

Florida’s Water Standards Challenged By Environmentalists -  Florida Times-Union (12/2/2011)

Red Tide Cause of Estero Bay Fish kill, Scientists Say – Naples Daily News (11/28/2011)

Marine biologists from the Sanibel Sea School as well as scientists from FGCU are saying red tide is back in full force. – ABC-7  (11/28/11)

EPA tells Florida: Enforce rules on fertilizer in canals – Palm Beach Post (11/19/2011)

St. Johns River put at risk by unwise decision – Florida Times-Union (11/9/2011)

EPA backs off tough clean-water rules in hopes of helping Obama carry Florida in 2012 – Palm Beach Post (11/7/2011)

Florida’s big water polluters win again - St. Petersburg Times – (11/4/2011)

Upper bay’s health iffy – Tampa Tribune (10/25/2011)

Red tide bloom threatens Sarasota beaches with fish kill – Herald Tribune (10/12/2011)

Red tide to blame for fish kill? – ABC-7  (10/11/2011)

Red tide bloom off coast of Lee County – WINK News (10/4/2011)

Tampa Bay algae bloom threatens the estuary’s fish – St. Petersburg Times  (8/27/2011)

Indian River Lagoon seagrass in drastic decline – Florida Today (09/25/2011)

Protect Florida’s waters, not polluters – St. Petersburg Times (9/14/2011)

Cliff Stearns holds a hearing for polluters – Florida Times-Union (8/16/2011)

Victory for clean water – St. Petersburg Times (8/6/2011)

Foes of EPA water rules for Fla. lose appeal – AP National (8/4/2011)

Guest column: Don’t dilute the Clean Water Act- Florida Times-Union (8/4/2011)

Water Pollution: Appeals court rejects challenge to clean water standards – St. Petersburg Times (8/3/2011)

State Water Rules Discussed – The News Service of Florida (8/3/2011)

Appeals court upholds pollution rules - Miami Herald (8/3/2011)

Proposal in U.S. Senate would weaken efforts in Florida, nationwide to clean up waterways - TCPalm (8/1/2011)

Algae Blooms Plaguing Gulf Coast – WUSF  (7/29/2011)

New federal regulations aren’t the enemy; the state’s intransigence is – Orlando Sentinel (7/26/2011)

Ponte Vedra site of major fish kill – The Recorder (7/25/2011)

Mississippi plume could threaten life in Gulf – Herald Tribune (7/25/2011)

House bill restricting EPA water rules wrong – Bradenton Herald (7/22/2011)

Florida Water Quality: Drowning in Pollution – Lakeland Ledger (7/22/2011)

Clean water doesn’t kill jobs – St. Petersburg Times (7/17/2011)

Florida needs EPA’s new standards – Ocala Star-Banner (7/17/2011)

State agency cites industry numbers when questioned by lawmakers about water rule costs – Florida Independent (4/5/2011)

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